EZ Flipbook Creator V1.7 is Here.

Unlock the power of immersive 3D digital flipbooks with EZFlipbook Creator Pro. Perfect for captivating presentations, engaging catalogs, and effortlessly gathering leads. Transform your content into interactive experiences today! EZFlipbook Creator allows you to present your company information & documents as interactive e-publications from PDF, DOCX, Videos and Images.  

4-in-1 Flipbook Marketing Software built for eBusiness, Real Estate and Affiliate Marketing ups your branding game while capturing leads and selling more products. Click here to view more examplesez flipbook brand

Packages & Pricing 

We are pleased to provide both monthly recurring and annually discounted pricing options. No matter which package you select, you will enjoy access to all currently available features, as well as any future enhancements we develop. Please note that while you have the flexibility to switch from Monthly to Annual billing, transitioning from Annual to Monthly is not available. You may, however, cancel your subscription and opt for a new plan at any time.

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EZ Flipbook Examples 

Transform your business with our dynamic digital flipbooks! Seamlessly integrate them into your website, capturing leads and boosting sales with their mobile-friendly interface. Monetize your content by tantalizing viewers with blurred pages and gated access options like passwords or email forms. Explore endless branding possibilities with customizable skins, elevating your brand presence and driving growth like never before.

EZ Flipbook Disclaimer 

Please note that The Logic Box does not offer partial refunds for pro-rated days of hosting packages or software licenses. Also, keep in mind that all flipbook data will be removed 15 days after cancellation or non-payment unless prior arrangements have been made.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us via email or call us at 1.800.931.4229. We're here to help!