Making an Impact

Rock your trade show booth with professional tradeshow booth design by The Logic Box. Set the tone and make an impact with a quality brand presentation. It's paramount you make a memorable impact and a statement at a trade show, conventions, retail locations with a well designed and produced display that matches your branding. 

It’s the first thing attendees see. What impression will you make? That of a worthy business partner or that of a cut-rate vendor? At trade shows, you’re asking for business. trade show booth design

The trade show design process is collaborative, structured, and thorough. Our design team will review your branding and objectives and create a perfect design that communicates your unique message. If you wish to make an overhaul and try a new branding approach, we'll put on our thinking caps and suggest fresh ideas that will blow your competitors out of the water.

If you wish to have a custom fabricated trade booth or display, our local partners can deliver the eye-catching look you're after on various budgets. Anything is possible, from a gorgeous trade show booth to a completely immersive, stand-alone structure­. If you're ready to explore what's possible for your next trade show or event, contact The Logic Box right show booth designCalgary Tradeshow Booth Design | Concept 1

Trade Show Interactive

If you're looking to spice up your trade show, include a projected or interactive display for your visitors to engage with. We create interactive kiosks or trade show promo videos such as the ones below. Contact us for a custom solution today and see what's possible.


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